Discussions from the heart of sport…

On a rainy night in Vancouver, the pulsing energy could be felt as the crowd of all walks of life milled about and into the arena.  Gordie Howe was in attendance as the Giants skated against the Silvertips.  We sat behind the father of a 15-year old forward who skated for the Silvertips.  A bit of an eccentric fellow who regaled us with stories and philosophy about a family’s journey towards the NHL.  15-20 year old young men, immensely talented, and skating towards hoceky’s biggest stage.

On the sun burnt courts of Delray Beach, Florida the pounding of the pulse of player development could be felt by each over-sized forehand and crisp volley.  Eight courts spattered with players from all corners of the earth popped with energy, laughter, passion, and adolescent optimism.  Some of this talent will peak during college dual matches, much of it will be left on various courts around the world while searching for a handful of Tour points, and a sliver of it will find itself fighting for the big prizes in Sydney, Paris, London, and NYC.

In a museum that bombarded the senses, the greatest potential of sport was evident.  Civil rights, spiritual fulfillment, championship training, and victory upon victory of “The Greatest” were on display.  The Muhammad Ali Center highlighted the complexities of a man and the transcendental potential of the sporting experience were on display.

In the bleachers with 14,000 plus friends and fans on a North Dallas night we looked out to see a horizon dimpled with glowing light towers.  Below teenage boys crashed into and collided with one another.  An army of coaches relayed messages from press box to sideline to field.  Video recorded from multiple angles above and around each end zone.  A Broadway production rumbled, rolled, and danced through halftime.  Throughout, adolescents strived, stumbled, and succeeded in finding glory for at least this moment in time.

The television shines bright each evening with great sports performances, but the “heart of sport” often lies elsewhere.  These are the places where this discussion among colleagues began, will continue, and will now be added to online.   We are a group of peers that are trained in sport and exercise psychology, are passionate about player development, and work in the “heart of sport” each day.  This is a place where you will find reflections on the journey from prospect to professional… and a few things in between.

The perspectives come from academic training and over 35 years of combined experience working with athletes, coaches, and teams.  This being said, each author is unique in his personality and this is likely to be reflected in posts.  The opinions will not necessarily be shared by all of the PSPS bloggers, but certainly the passion and thoughtfulness behind each is always encouraged and appreciated.  For professional and ethical reasons this will not be a place where “gossip” about clients will be shared, but rather this will be a forum where the philosophy, science, application, and execution of quality athletic practice and excellent sports performance will be reflected upon.


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