Taking It From the Range to the Links

The following question was asked on LinkedIn a month or so back:

My big problem is being afraid to trust the new swing I refine at the range when I get out on the course. I often revert to the safe “results oriented” swing. I am stuck at an 7 HDCP and know that this is killing me. I can load the club on the range all day … but get in the center of the fairway 150 yds out, and I panic … and hit the safe knock down / dead hands – safe shot. How do I get over myself and let it fly?

My quick thoughts on this common challenge were the following:

1. Perhaps change your question… it is not “How do I take it from the range to the links?” but rather, “How do I bring the links to the range?” Mix up clubs on the range. Pull a yardage book on the range and use your imagination to play a round. Make practice more relevant to your rounds.

2. You said it yourself… your revert to the “safe ‘results oriented’ swing.” A good shot is one that has a good plan and a solid swing, the “result” is just a by product of this. Commit for a while to judging each swing by your plan and execution. At the end of the round do the math.

3. Lastly, even the wisest golfer needs a little help staying on balanced throughout a round. Make sure your pre-shot routine balances you and focuses you on your target (too often golfers create a bunch of mindless waggles and twitches – make the routine purposeful). Then commit to it regardless of where the ball is landing (it is the anchor that will keep you on track when the waters get rough).

Likely you’ve heard some of these ideas before. They do work and do need a genuine commitment. Laugh a bit at yourself when you stray from them and you’re likely to get back to them.

Have fun with it.


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