Are you checking-in or checking-out?

by Matt Cuccaro, Ed.M.

Sport can be a challenge.  Competitive sport can be even more of a challenge!  Individuals who are mentally strong accept this challenge by understanding that mistakes will be made.  They also vow to learn from their mistakes in order to make their future practices and performances even better, instead of allowing these mistakes to continue building, which leads to extreme frustration and ultimately…failure.

The following example is one I have laid out for the golfers I work with on a daily basis, but can easily be applied to any other sport experience (baseball at-bats, hockey shifts, tennis points, etc…).  In order for an individual to learn, there should be a short period of time set aside for awareness and reflection.  After striking a shot, allow for this moment to occur.  Check-in with yourself to learn from both good shots and bad.  What happened?  What caused it?  What should be done to repeat a good one, or what adjustment(s) should be made to improve on a bad one?  The final, and possibly most important aspect of checking-in during competition is acceptance.  Realize that nothing else can be done once the ball leaves the clubface, except learning from the shot and accepting it wherever it lies.

The most effective way to establish this mindset is to make it the main priority before heading out to the course.  Thoughts lead to feelings, and feelings result in action.  By establishing a consistent thought process, consistent actions and results will likely follow.  Become aware of your thoughts by checking-in, before poor habits take over and you find yourself checking-out.


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