Kids, Yesterday and Today, and Mental Toughness

My 3 year old daughter has a terrific memory.  “Remember yesterday when we saw the panda at the zoo?”  We saw the panda at the zoo five weeks ago.  “We were on the train yesterday!”  The last time we were on a train was a week and a half ago.  “Hey, remember yesterday when we were at the beach in California?”  We were in California almost a year ago.  “I played on the playground with Ben yesterday.”  They played on the playground two months ago.

She does not forget anything, has vivid memories of everything, and it all happened yesterday.”  This is really cool.  As always I find that children give us great insights into keys for athletic mental toughness.  Imagine the success an athlete can have if he or she compartmentalizes the last play, last game, last season in a place called “yesterday.”  Struggles can be learned from and then let go.  Great achievements can be remembered, but do not distract from today’s performance.

"Yesterday" is Behind Me

An athlete can be incredibly successful by adopting a childlike perspective when the game is on.  Children are fully engaged in the activity in front of them and love to play.  Today… this moment is the most meaningful place to be.  Young children put the past in the past and live in the moment, can you?  Yesterday was great… today it is time to play.


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