Despite a series of disciplined at bats and hard hit balls, when the hits don’t fall over the course of a few games it gets labeled a “slump.” While the effort is there, when the puck simply doesn’t bounce right and the points don’t add up it gets labeled a “slump.” After a few losses despite the quality of the opponents, the label “slump” rears its head.

Once the label hits the real slumping often begins. Failure to achieve desired outcomes over time in common parlance is “slumping.” Too often this classification leads to the heavy duty focus on outcomes. Once the focus becomes needing a hit, hoping for a win, or wishing for a goal… stepping out a slump becomes more based on luck rather than skill.

Un-slumping requires an athlete to have the discipline to trust the process of playing and to commit to quality efforts and attitudes. The label slump is about the scoreboard… therefore it drifts the mind towards the outcomes of sport rather than the playing of sport (i.e. picking a target, committing to a good game plan, finding a feel, etc.). Avoid getting put mentally off-balance by a label. Don’t let it define the direction of focus. Focus on being a player, not a scorekeeper or statistician.

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