Pardon the Hubris

In a small New England church the following call to worship was shared:

L: Should I worship God from fear of hell, may I be cast into it.

P: Should I serve God from desire of gaining heaven, may God keep me out.

L: But should I worship God from love alone, may God be revealed to me and my whole heart filled with God’s love and presence.

P: Let this by my last word, that I trust in your love.

Avoid an outcome-orientation. Be filled with intrinsic motivation. Trust.

Sounded like good sport psychology to me.  As a matter of fact, much spiritual and philosophical doctrine is pretty sound, high performance wisdom.  This is clear in many of the martial arts.  Eastern philosophy is the core from which balance, explosion, grace, and at times, violence emanate.  This being said, how many modern day combatants are true to a spiritual core?  How many truly get it?

The sacred has become profane.  HD jumbotrons, merchandising galore, and talking heads everywhere have turned philosophical genius into trite sound bites.  The glorification of individual achievement over the illumination of transcendent mores inhibits the greatest of greatness… and perhaps stalls unwavering mental toughness.

Sporting coliseums have mistakenly been called temples.  They are not.  Yet, the competitor that is truly in tune with the philosophical (and at times spiritual) sound bites finds confidence (a.k.a. faith) in times of success and challenge.  Reflecting regularly can provide as much (if not more) benefit to the modern day warrior – getting one to the heart of the matter.

Pardon the hubris, but ministers, monks, rabbis, and yogis hold the keys to mental toughness.


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