The Choke’s On You

Terry Francona drove away from the Red Sox clubhouse September 30th part of what’s being labeled the biggest choke in baseball history. Good for him. He’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last that was yoked with choking in a public eye. That’s sports… that’s the sports that we love to watch, we love to Monday-morning quarterback, and we love to compete in.

To be great. You must risk the label of “choker.” If you are ducking tough competition or playing outside of the public eye you are probably pretty safe… choke-free.

It’s humbling… but to compete in the public eye and in competitions that “matter” you must be willing to run the risk of wearing the label of “choker.” Sometimes the label is accurate and it’s time to get your mental game in order. Sometimes it’s foolish fans having “fun” and not appreciating that at the highest levels, good play may not be good enough. This being said, most times being willing to live with whatever label may follow an event leads to confident, committed, and successful play.

The choke may be on you… if it is, you took on a challenging and meaningful opponent. Welcome to the big leagues.

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