Pro Parenting

19 year old Jessica Korda won the LPGA title at the Women’s Australian Open last week.  Her father Petra won the Australian Open of tennis in 1998.  Two pretty good family accomplishments.  Jessica’s breakthrough win is well documented in “Jessica Korda still on a high after breakthrough LPGA win.”  Perhaps the most insightful parts of the article come from Petra.

Having been a wildly successful pro tennis player he certainly has wisdom to share with his daughter, right?  As a retired athlete he is certainly itching to get his competitive juices flowing somehow, someway, right?  He made plenty of money playing tennis so he can spend his days folowing his daughter to the golf course, right?

Well, this is what he has to say:

I want to be dad.  Same with my other kids. I don’t want to be coach. I don’t want to be caddie.

Seems like a pretty keen insight.  It’s pretty awesome to be a dad.  Why haze the focus on this joy by taking on other roles that others can probably handle… better than a blood relative.  Pro athletes succeed by executing their most important roles to a fault.  Seems like a good way to play “dad.” 


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