Great Rivalries are Great Friendships

Red Sox – Yankees. Dawgs – Gators. Agassi – Sampras. Celtics – Lakers. BU – BC…

@collegehockey: Rivalries live. RT @ColbyCohen36: @ImTheMoose01 None knows who you are at Agganis muse . #hasbeen@NickBonino@shattdeuces#redLightspecial

A fun Twitter exchange to play spectator to, but hate to tell the fans that there’s no Easter Bunny.  Great rivalries, yes.  Great hate, not so much.  More than a few times I have heard from a player, “I actually have some closer friends in the opposing locker room.”  Seems like a tough way play cut throat sport… actually not really.  It might be a necessity for high performance.  A while back I wrote:

Consider the broodings of Platonic philosopher Drew Hyland on the subject.  The greatest potential of sport is friendship.  He is not talking about any of this politically-correct cooperative games stuff or any sportsmanship hullabaloo.  He is talking about competitive, high level, best in the world, best of yourself sport.  A true friend pushes another towards excellence.  A true competitor wants to be pushed towards excellence by a competitor.. a partner in performance.

SEC football rivalries run deep, but watch any Bowl game and the chant “SEC, SEC, SEC,” is as loud as any other.  Sure it it is better to be a Dawg than a Gator, but they can tailgate together on a few occasions throughout the year.  It is perhaps what makes them so good.

Follow the @imthemoose01 @ColbyCohen36 Twit exchange to the end.  You’ll be amused at least and perhaps you’ll become an even bigger fan.


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