The Masters and Mastery


Azelea’s are in bloom. Bubba’s got a bit of a lead. It’s time for championship weekend at The Masters. Who will wear the green jacket on Sunday ought to be anybody’s guess. There’s a lot of golf to be played and early prognostication is a fool’s mission.

The key to getting and staying on the top of the leaderboard may lie in the tournament name itself… a mastery focus will help the knees knock a bit less and focus to stay true. This is old news, but remains tough for even the most seasoned competitor to remember.

The competitor that carries a mastery-oriented mindset into the weekend will:

  • Keep his eyes on his own scorecard – for mastery goals are self-referenced.
  • Have a mind’s eye that allows him to see shots most creatively – mastery motivation leads to curiosity.
  • Will recover well after a lipout or poor club selection – willingness to learn is at the cornerstone of this mindset.
  • He will be filled with positive emotion when in the middle of a shifting leaderboard on Sunday – a mastery-orientation feels the excitement of challenge, but does not fear it.

None of this is new news, but important to be reminded of time and time again. Success at The Masters will be all about a mastery mindset.

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