Prosportpsychsym Contributors:

Adam Naylor, Ed.D., CC-AASP – BU Athletic Enhancement Center and Telos SPC

Doug Gardner, Ed.D., CC-AASP – ThinkSport Consulting

Ed Kingston, Ed.D. – Telos SPC

Matt Cuccaro, Ed.M. – Telos SPC, Smith Stearns Tennis Academy, Junior Players Golf Academy

Greg Chertok, Ed.M., CC-AASP  – The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center

We are a group of peers who are trained in sport and exercise psychology, are passionate about player development, and work in the “heart of sport” each day.  This is a place where you will find reflections on the journey from prospect to professional… and a few things in between.  The perspectives come from academic training and over 35 years of combined experience working with athletes, coaches, and teams.  This being said, each author is unique in his personality and this is likely to be reflected in posts.  The opinions will not necessarily be shared by all of the PSPS bloggers, but certainly the passion and thoughtfulness behind each is always encouraged and appreciated.  For professional and ethical reasons this will not be a place where “gossip” about clients will be shared, but rather this will be a forum where the philosophy, science, application, and execution of quality athletic practice and excellent sports performance will be reflected upon.


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